Dollar Holla Tree!!! I confess, I am a Dollar Tree Snob. Not only do I only go to the "Dollar Tree" chain, but I only go to my favorite one in our area!! It is a mother load and no other has compared since. 

Not gonna do the Family Dollar, Dollar Bin, Dollar General, nope, only Dollar Tree. I just feel the quality and selection is better and no math, it's all really a $1, except some cards and candy are 2 for 1. 
I brought you my 9 Great Dollar Tree Finds back around a Holiday season once so I felt it was time for a Summer Version and my latest trip did not disappoint. Here are 9 more GREAT Dollar Tree finds!!

1. Bags and Bows
Oh how well the Dollar Tree does bags and bows. Now, the wrapping paper is thin and cheap but the bags....hefty and CUTE!! Why pay $4.99 for a stinkin' gift bag when you can get one for $1?
And look...animal print bows!

2. Shred
How I love adding colored shred to packages. It's just so fun and no reason reason to pay 3x's as much when a fun bag for a dollar will do.
They have lots of colors too.

You can even get cute little boxes. Throw in some shred and it's a cute little base for a gift.

3. Mailing Supplies
You all know I LOVE to send packages in the mail and packaging supplies can get expensive so how cool is it, that the Dollar Tree offers mailing supplies. I literally paid $5 recently for bubble wrap and forgot I could get it at DT.
This stuff is even the 3M brand so it's nice and sturdy.

4. Plackers
I am a fanatic about flossing and use good dental floss from Oral B but I always carry theses flossers in all my bags and purses for a quick floss when out and about. I love the mint flavor of these.

5. Deodorant...my fave kind!
My BFF got me Powder scented Lady Speed Stick a few years back and I have been hooked ever since!! It goes on invisible and lasts all day with just a slight swipe as I don't like using too much.

6. Birthday Treats
I just love getting people extra special little birthday treats besides my homemade ones. So, it was super fun to find these Birthday Cake cookies

and Hershey's miniatures in birthday packaging.

7. Paper Dinnerware 
I just love the paper plates and napkins in the black and white print. The little silver picks for hors d'oeuvres are so cute too!

8. Magic Erasers
Move over Mr. Clean!! Scrub buddies are giving you a run for your money on Magic erasers!! These are a fraction of the ones I always got in the store, you know with the bald man on the box and they work JUST AS GOOD!!

9. Seasonal Decor
You cannot beat the seasonal selections for fun and simple d├ęcor. Great for the office and classrooms too. I pile this stuff in a bag to take to our beach condo over the 4th.

And LOOK at the cute centerpiece you can make just from the Dollar Tree goodness.

Now, just as important; What NOT to Buy at the Dollar Tree:
Make-Up, Toys, Plastic Kitchen Utensils, Band-Aids, Crayons, Tape (Unless they have the Scotch brand)

Any good Dollar Tree Hauls yourself lately??



Whoop Whoop, Happy Friday!!! June is going by way to fast!! Unfortunately, it's pouring down rain today. My mom and I were going to go to the beach but instead I'll be home today pricing garage sale stuff for our pre-moving sale next month. This weekend I hope to stop and take it in a little slower with a brunch wedding, day date afternoon with Mr. Nine and the boys all finishing up some landscaping updates on Sunday to get the house ready to sell later this summer. No worries, more beach days are within reach!! Let's get to some favorites and fun!

1. First College Apartment
So, the reason I was off blog land the end of last week was our oldest did a transfer orientation to IU and we went and saw his first college apartment he will be moving into in the Fall. He changed majors to Intelligent Systems Engineering and the IU campus has so much more to offer. Plus, he can walk to the stadium. Tailgate parties at his place, lol

2. Our Niece and her BF
I'm going to brag on our beautiful niece and her sweet boyfriend. They just graduated from Cardinal Ritter in Indianapolis and this Fall, she will be attending Xavier University. He will attend Easter Illinois on a baseball scholarship. Just this past weekend, Blake and his team won state! Our niece was unable to be there and had to listen to the game because she is on a field experience doing lots of fun stuff including......

....Hiking in Colorado!!! Love this girl!

3. Week's Attire
TJ Maxx Dress, Target Cardi, Charming Charlie necklace

Gap top, The Loft Pants, Macy's I.N.C. necklace. Another way to wear this top HERE

The Loft cardi, Target dress and sandals

4. Slouchy Beach Graphic Sweatshirt
I love me a slouchy sweatshirt. The beach town where we go soon and every summer has some cooler evenings so a comfy outfit like this is a must for watching the sunset and hanging our with the fam.
Buy this Sweatshirt HERE

More inspo

5. Misc. Fun!
Bonomo's Turkish Taffy
I always think of Narnia, ya know, "The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe" and the Turkish Delight when I think Taffy. My mom told me about the amazing Taffy from Bonomo's so I bought her a 3lb bag to share with me. Next up I want to try my other favorite flavor: Vanilla!
Buy this Taffy HERE

Jouer Lip Products
I first heard about this company on the Today show and I am blown away by their products and the decent price. I am all about metallics lately and let me tell ya, this stuff is the BEST!! And it smells like a Dum Dum cream soda sucker, which is my favorite sucker!!
My Shade: Metallic Shimmering Rose Gold! Buy this Lip Topper HERE

Friday Loves at The Blended Blog
I have the pleasure of heading up the Link-Up "Friday Loves" over at The Blended Blog today where we showcase favorite posts in our feeds for the week. Go check it out!
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Have a Summer Weekend to remember sweet peeps!!

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Love, love , love a good midi and this one from The Loft was perfect. Welcome to our weekly fashion link-up. Today, I'm also over at The Blended Blog showing off my favorite Pom Pom clutch. I was just in The Loft recently and the sales lady said this was one of their fastest selling skirts. I could not find it online and I just ordered it 3 weeks ago but there were still a handful in my store so, check yours.

What I love about it, besides the length is the color combo....to me, it's a great mix to take us right into Fall, although I'm not ready for my favorite season yet at all. I was just thinking it'll be great to get another season out of it.

The linen tee is also from The Loft and I love how they are made. I never really used to be a huge fan of the mustard color but it really popped with this. In fact, when I walked in the living room, Mr. Nine said "that's a really pretty outfit!" So, of course I knew it was a winner!

The satchel purse by Sole Society is my favorite purchase from last year's Nordstrom Anniversary sale! I can't believe the big sale is next month! Are you ready?

Cannot wait to see what goodness you link-up today for our The Blended Blog Style Link-Up! Don't forget to head over to there and check out another fun summer outfit I styled. Have a glorious and sweet day my friends!!